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Our systems save time and money!

Each CAI/CBI system incorporates questions for self-testing by the participant. Our systems are used for traditional, in-service, continuing and distance education. These systems are utilized on PCs, networks, internet and intranet.

ASK is moving to on-line educational support for Individuals to register, enroll and purchase our courses for personal, professional or continuing education needs. We invite visitors to our web site to review all of our courses
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Those visitors interested in participating in a directed research program for "Spirituality in Nursing and Allied Health Professional Practice" use or Contact-ASK email pathway (About ASK Tab) using "Research" in the Subject Line.

To Register, Enroll and Pay for the New 2017 Version of "Spirituality in Nursing and Allied Health Professional Practice" CLICK on the Spirituality Box that follows:

More information is available by using the Contact-ASK email (About ASK Tab) using "Spirituality Information" in the Subject Line.

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Looking for ON-LINE REAL-Time Courses? Select from the Courses listed that follow to inform, register, enroll and pay for access that support university classroom assignment or independent self-study needs.

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Institutional, Health Organizations, Purchasing Agents & Bursars: To acquire a Permanent Master Site License for any course, Click on the Educational Level TAB and use the Master Purchase Order Form.


Simply click on the Course “Button” in this column once you have enrolled and follow the screen instructions to re-enter A.S.K. On-Line Courses. If you have ANY problems, Contact our Help Desk by phone (1-800-292-7211) or by email at Spirituality enrollees please note: U.S. & International Research Participants MUST USE the Designated Research Box! Non-Research Participants MUST USE the Box Designated as "CNE, Classroom or Independent Study"!

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